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Famous Scenery
Confucius Temple, Zhongshan Mausoleum, Lake Michigan, Pearl Spring, Lovers Garden, Mochow Lake Park, The Rain Flower Terrace, National Defense Park, Nanjing Massacre Memorial, General Mountain, Qixia Mountain, Qixia Temple, Erqiao Park, Nanjing Museum, Zhongshan Botanical Garden, Jialing Temple, Tang Shan, and Watanjiang Victory Hall, Mingxiao Mausoleum, White Horse Park, Meihua Mountain, Swallow Lake, Guancheng Lake Scenic Area, Niufirst Mountain, Jinniu Lake, Hongshan Zoo, Ming Palace, Tianfei Palace, Presidential Palace, Guiling Park, Green Boyuan, Baishu Chau Park, Huji Temple, Jiangxinzhou, Baoshipyard Site Park.

Best travel time
Due to the multiple effects of climate and geographical characteristics, Nanjing has always been one of the famous "stove" cities in China. It is very hot in summer, so it is difficult to adapt to this climate. Therefore, it is best to choose spring and autumn to travel to Nanjing. From February to March of each year, flowers from all parts of Nanjing will race to open, the earliest blossoms will be plum blossoms, followed by peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, tulips, begonia flowers, peony blossoms one after another, Nanjing at this time not only pleasant climate, but also overflowing flowers, the landscape is pleasant. In September and October, in addition to seeing osmanthus flowers and maple leaves under autumn frost, we can also taste Gao Chun crabs and other autumn crabs in Nanjing. Seasonal melon and aquatic products, this time to Nanjing not only eye care, but also a full mouth. Nanjing holds all kinds of flower festivals and tourism cultural festivals according to different seasons. From February to April, there are: Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival, Lishui Plum Blossom Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, Tulip Festival, Begonia Flower Festival, Peony Flower Festival, Rain Flower Tea Festival, watermelon festival in May, grape festival in August, and crab festival, osmanthus flower festival, red maple art festival and so on.
Area distribution
Nanjing is located in the southwest of Jiangsu Province, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, including 11 municipal districts. Xuanwu District, Gulou District, Qinhuai District, Jianye District, Pukou District, Qixia District, Yuhuatai District, Jiangning District, Liuhe District, Lishui District, Gaochun District.
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